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Compagnie de Provence
Limited Edition Peonies 495 ml

Vær den første til at anmelde produktet
123,25Vejl. 195,-35
Fri fragt, kan sendes med det samme
To celebrate our 30th anniversary (it’s gone so fast!), we wanted to illustrate the spirit of conviviality and sharing that’s synonymous with the south of France by decorating our new limited editions. And we entrusted this task to an artist whose work is filled with bold and beautiful colours: Marie Doazan.

On the formula side, we always offer the revamped Marseille soap. Saponified in a cauldron according to tradition, our liquid soap is enriched with botanical oils from French origin and transforms into a fine foam which gently cleanses the skin. A must for your hands hygiene and your home decoration! Discover @compagniedeprovence new scent, Bouquet de Pivoines, what does it smell?

Like a perfect morning in May: back from the market, clutching a bunch of fresh peonies and immediately delighting in mouthwatering red berries.

495 ml

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